The Success of Inpatient Addiction Treatment

successful residential rehabRealizing that you or someone you love needs addiction treatment can be overwhelming and daunting. It is hard enough coping with the emotional realization, let alone trying to understand what kind of treatment is right for you. There are a vast number of treatment options ranging from 90-day residential rehabilitation to luxury drug and alcohol addiction treatment to optional support group meetings. If you are looking for the treatment option that is statistically proven to prevent relapse, inpatient residential treatment is the way to go. Addiction treatment at an inpatient rehab is more immersive, intensive and personalized than any other form of treatment available.

The main success factor to inpatient treatment is its live-in accommodations under lock down, which physically keep the addict away from their addiction. There is no more effective way of allowing the addict to recall what it feels like to live without addiction. Inpatient addiction treatment filters the addict’s experiences through the lens of constant positive reinforcement and a strong support system. The long, uninterrupted duration of treatment makes the recovery process very immersive, which makes recovery a realistic state of mind for the addict.

The treatment itself is also very intensive at an inpatient rehab. The addiction therapy sessions are frequent, both in individual and group settings, giving the recovering addict the opportunity to share their struggles with compassionate listeners and receive valuable advice. A quality inpatient rehab will make use of proven methods and current materials in its treatment, as well as employ knowledgeable staff who are qualified to help people through the recovery process. This level of addiction treatment boasts a high success rate and clients who leave ready to manage the triggers that used to make them relapse.

Lastly, and possibly most importantly, the treatment at an inpatient rehab facility is tailored to your needs. Upon entry into the facility, the client will be interviewed about their addictions, their mental hardships and generally who they are. This information will be used to select particular treatment materials, therapies and activities that appeal to the client and apply to their circumstances. This ensures that their personal recovery needs are met and they are able to return to their lives with the skills needed to resist their addiction.