safe secure addiction treatmentThose who check into a residential rehab facility will find their experience secure and safe. Many people who check into rehab have anxiety about the time they will spend there. However, mere days inside the treatment center will show them that a residential rehab center is one of the safest places they can possibly be. In an inpatient addiction center, clients will find protection from their addiction, from things that trigger or influence their addiction, from instruments that can be used for self harm and from public exposure of their addition. Rehab centers across North America, regardless of whether they are government funded rehabs in the United States or a luxury rehab Canada, will ensure total security for their clients.

First and foremost, clients will be protected from their addiction while they are in rehabilitation. Many people who consider addiction to be a choice may not understand this concept. In reality, when someone is severely addicted to something that can harm them, they need protection from it because they are not in control of their choices or their behaviors. This is literally accomplished by locking the person inside the facility and monitoring them to make sure they do not gain access to their addiction. This includes protection from addiction triggers, such as bars or drug dealers, and from addiction influences, such as party friends or abusive relationships.

It is policy at most residential rehabs to lock up knives and other sharp things that could be used for the purpose of self-harm or harming someone else. This is to physically protect all the clients and staff members within the facility. If someone has a history of suicidal tendencies, they will be put on suicide watch. There is a staff person present at the rehab center at all times to monitor clients, assist with suicide watch, be present in the event of an emergency or simply to be there for the clients if they are in crisis. Clients only have access to medications through staff members, who dispense it from a secure safe at scheduled times of day.

Residential Drug rehab also offers protection to client’s reputations. Inpatient addiction facilities have strict privacy policies that protect the client’s anonymity so as not to give away their identity or draw public attention to them. This is particularly important for high profile clientele who could be professionally and personally ruined if word of their addiction were to become public knowledge.