personalized treatment

Treatment at a residential rehab will be more personalized than any other form of addiction treatment. Because of the duration and the intensity of the treatment, the rehab staff are more able to lend focus to each individual in the program. The level of personalization depends largely on the operating budget of the rehab. Government funded rehabs typically have many more clients than they do staff members, so the personalization of the treatment is considerably less. Private rehabs with a higher operating budget will have more staff members than clients, making it much easier to see to every individual’s personal needs.

Clients are able to form closer relationships with staff members at an inpatient rehab as opposed to undergoing outpatient treatment. This is primarily because the length of the treatment allows for more interaction between the clients and the staff members. Staff have more time to converse with each client and they come to understand them much better than they would in a support group setting. This is valuable to recovering addicts because the stronger they are to a healthy support system, the more likely they are to succeed in their recovery.

In a good quality residential rehab, every client’s treatment plan will be tailored to their individual needs. This is essential to the recovery of severe addicts or people with disorders and mental illnesses because the same recovery plan that works for minor addiction cases will not work for them. At a quality rehab, an evaluation of each client will be performed at the time of check in to assess the client’s personal history, personality and addictive tendencies. Counseling sessions, discussions, workbooks and reading materials will then be planned for the client based on their personal needs.

It is also important to keep in mind that any given inpatient treatment program may work forĀ one person and not for another. There is always a choice in the matter of which rehabilitation center the client checks in to, and considerable time should be spent selecting the facility that suits the individual’s needs best.