intensive addiction treatment
Another reason for the success of inpatient addiction treatment is how intensive it is. Residential inpatient addiction treatment centers follow precise schedules and treatment plans to ensure that everything the client does is tied to their recovery, healthy living or clean fun and downtime. This teaches them good decision making, psychologically sound thought patterns and a generally healthy way of living.
Residential rehabilitation involves a very concentrated focus on recovery. Much of the client’s time will be spent with counselors or facilitators going over readings, workbooks or psychological recovery topics that are meant to work the client through why they are addicted and how to end their addiction. A priority is put on down time, relaxation and privacy as well, but there is a great deal of work and responsibility expected of the client.
Counseling and therapeutic ventures make up a large portion of the client’s time as well. Group and individual therapy are frequent sessions held for the clients. Depending on the budget of the rehab, there may be more group therapy time as opposed to individual therapy time, but letting everyone share and express themselves will be heavily emphasized for all clients. Therapeutic adventures meant to help the client relax and heal may include animal therapy, outdoor recreation, gardening, yoga or many other relaxing fun, activities.
And lastly, the material used to treat each client at a quality residential rehab will be current and modern, created by professional psychologists in order to give the client an insightful, in-depth treatment plan. Every residential rehab operates under slightly different philosophies. Some are religious, some are spiritual, some are hollistic and some simply follow current psychology. The managers of the rehab use material created by expert psychologists and mental professionals who share the same philosophies that the rehab operates under. The better quality the rehab is, the more personalized, current and in-depth the treatment material will be.