What to Expect from Inpatient Addiction Treatment

inpatient addiction treatmentInpatient addiction treatment is distinct among addiction treatments in a few particular ways. No other type of addiction treatment is as focused or as immersive as inpatient addiction treatment. It is the full package for a person looking to recover from addiction. Upon arrival, the addict is detoxed if need be, then given intensive psychological treatment over the course of at least 30-days, and lastly is provided with quality aftercare services to ensure their ongoing recovery. No other system has proved more effective than this inpatient addiction treatment model.

The detoxification period of inpatient treatment is meant for those who were abusing a substance and have unhealthy body chemistry because of it. It is important that these clients submit to detoxification because they will need full use of their minds and bodies in order to be successful in treatment. A healthy diet, exercise, and plenty of psychological work are in the individual’s near future, and they simply will not be up for the challenge if they are still reeling from the effects of substance abuse.

Once the psychological treatment begins, the individual can expect to do real work. Readings and homework will be assigned in the form of workbook texts and organization of thoughts and memories. Daily sessions on good mental health practices will be taught, group counseling will take place so that clients can learn from one another and share experiences, and individual counseling will take place so that each client can share the areas they are most vulnerable in safely. This routine is mixed with healthy meals, exercise, healthy recreation, outings and down time.

Finally, once the treatment is done and the individual reenters the world, they are given access to aftercare services so that they can stay strong and be encouraged in their personal recovery. These services include ongoing counseling, support groups and self help resources. For a positive and successful addiction recovery experience, consider inpatient addiction treatment.